My Story

I knew from an early age I wanted to support others in their health journey. I became a massage therapist by the time I was 19, and this was my introduction to intuitive care. Each educational pursuit I chose after pushed me closer to embracing care focused on a person’s unique needs, not the medical-based persona.

My addition of becoming a lactation consultant illuminated a true calling for me; working with infants and children. Initially, my focus was supporting infants at the breast. The more children I was privileged to work with, the more I saw the need for structural support. I saw babies who had been given a frenectomy with no preparation work, or needed fascial support to latch well from both breast and bottle. So I blended the massage therapist with the lactation consultant and emBody Integration© was born.

I began to specialize in complex cases, seeing infants and toddlers who were experiencing symptoms like severe reflux, torticollis, oral dysfunction, and hyper-sensitive tendencies. I drew in children who were unable to latch well, slow bottle-feeding and struggling with solids.

As my practice grew, I knew I wanted to optimize my expertise so I could continue supporting clients to my best ability. I pursued more education with a bachelors degree in Food & Nutrition, alongside a Health Coaching certification. Nutrition became a pivotal piece in my practice. I began to specialize in gut health, addressing dysbiosis, reducing inflammation, supporting fertility and dietary education to maximize familial wellness.

Through coaching and lifestyle changes, I elevate my client’s capability to shift their health and their futures for themselves, on their own terms. Embracing intuitive care has become my trademark, one I will continue to instill in the people, parents, and professionals I work with.

Here’s to your health and your future, with your rules.

Certificates & Education

  • Massage & Movement Therapy

    - Myofascial Release
    - Craniosacral Release
    - Craniosacral Fascial Release
    - Pectus Excavatum Therapy
    - Structural Integration

  • Lactation & Feeding Support

    - Oral & structural dysfunction
    - Difficulty feeding with breast, bottle, or solids
    - Assessing tethered oral tissues
    - Pre & post frenectomy care

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

    - Integrative Health Coaching
    - Integrative & Functional Nutrition
    - Infant Sleep Educator
    - Gut Health & Dysbiosis

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