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McKale promotes individualized, client-centered care that guarantees your goals are heard and respected. Feeding can feel anything but natural when you are stressed and struggling!

Consultations consist of pre- and post-feed weights to evaluate milk transfer, complete oral and structure assessment, evaluation of positioning & latch, counseling on infant development, and specialist referrals.

Additionally, McKale will assess difficulties such as leaking and clicking with bottle-feeding. Recommendations of appropriate bottle types, pacifiers, and tools will be offered to help promote proper oral function.

Feeding Support

Gut Health & Dysbiosis

Consultation Info

Please plan for 90-120 minutes for the first visit. After arriving to your home, we’ll chat about any challenges, issues, or concerns you are having regarding yourself or your baby. We will review the health history form and go over any additional information needed. Please note, there is no special cleaning or tidying up necessary! Please place any pets who can be aggressive towards visitors in a separate space for a safe environment.

For a competent and comprehensive assessment, McKale will observe active breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding. An infant scale will be used for a breastfeeding session to perform a weighted feeding, which allows us to see the milk transfer amount from the feeding session.

Following the appointment, a summary report will be sent to the attending pediatrician for consistent care. Before leaving, our next appointment follow-up will be discussed and planned.

Communication via Spruce or IntakeQ is included in your fee, so always reach out if there is a question or a concern.

Please plan for 60-90 minutes for follow-up visits. This consultation will focus on continuing to re-evaluate and make improvements based on the care plan from the initial consultation. Adjustments or changes will be recommended as progress evolves.

Communication via Spruce or IntakeQ is included in your fee, so always reach out if there is a question or a concern.

Fees for travel are based on distance of the location McKale is traveling to from her place of residence or current client’s location.

You can request a fee estimation or calculate based on the cost per mile which is $0.50.

Please note this is in addition to your consultation cost. It covers cost of traveling and time for McKale, so that you can enjoy therapy from the comfort of your home with zero hassle.

There are two options for potential health insurance reimbursement for your feeding consultation. 

  • Lactation Network is who McKale partners with for accepting specific insurance policies. PPO plans under BCBS, Anthem, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare can qualify for coverage.
  • If you have a health insurance company outside of those mentioned, an out of network biller can assess your potential coverage cost and $15 per claim biller fee.
  • A superbill can also be issued for you to submit to your health insurance company for potential reimbursement.


Insurance Coverage

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