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This methodology is a combination of McKale’s twelve years of experience with complicated structural cases, as well as education in different massage modalities and therapies.

Consider the body as the first place to “start” on your journey to absolving your particular challenge. If you find yourself having a difficult breastfeeding journey, you might be referred for a frenectomy. You should optimize function before you release the tissue, or restrictions can stay in place.

If you have a situation where your child is waking multiple times during the night past an appropriate age, consider that there could be apneic episodes happening or strain in the body that needs to be freed for peaceful resting. The body holds many patterns, secrets, and traumas. Freeing the movement should be your first step! You can avoid “doing all the things” and spending thousands of unnecessary dollars.

Massage + Movement

Free the Fascia

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Fees for travel are based on distance of the location McKale is traveling to from her place of residence or current client’s location.

You can request a fee estimation or calculate based on the cost per mile which is $0.50.

Please note this is in addition to your consultation cost. It covers cost of traveling and time for McKale, so that you can enjoy therapy from the comfort of your home with zero hassle.

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