with McKale Fleming, IBCLC, LMT, IHC

Massage & Movement Therapy

Intended for infants, toddlers, and children only. emBody Integration© is a formulated process combining several key therapies to create an optimal outcome for structural restrictions and tethered oral tissues.

Lactation & Feeding Support

Addressing feeding challenges, tethered oral tissues, low milk supply, slow weight gain, returning to work, weaning, and breast health.

Health & Well-Being Coaching

Intended for adults only. Support for parental dietary health, addressing nutrient deficiencies for infertility support, clearing food sensitivity, SIBO, and gut inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on consultations, client portal, and common inquiries.

Preparing for Visits

Thanks for booking! Please read the information offered on this page and make sure you’ve filled out any forms sent to you via your client portal. Forms must be submitted 12 hours prior to your appointment for McKale to review. Check your email or text messages for notifications! You can use the secure messaging feature on your portal if you have any questions concerning your forms or visit.

For self-pay clients:

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, HSA/FSA cards, Discover, and AMEX through SquareUp can all be used to pay your invoice. Once your consultation has been confirmed, an invoice will be accessible through your client portal. Cash can be paid at the consultation.

Insurance clients:

Listed below are the companies our partner Lactation Network currently works with and has a high probability of three visits covered:

  • Anthem BCBS PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • United PPO
If you have a policy with one of the listed insurance companies:

Obtain pre-approval for your visits by following these instructions:

Out of Network Billing:
  • If your health insurance company isn’t covered by Lactation Network, there is another submission option through a separate biller. Each insurance claim cost $15 for billing fees. You are responsible for paying your consultation fee up front and McKale will reimburse you when your insurance company pays out.
  • Reimbursement for your consultation fees are NOT guaranteed or controlled by McKale.

Please provide McKale with a 12 hour notice if you will not be able to keep your appointment time. Any appointment cancelled within 4 hours of the scheduled time is subject to the cancellation fee of $50 if made more than 24 hours in advance.

Travel appointments that exceed 4 hours should cancel 48 hours in advance to allow adjustment time for McKale.

McKale is a licensed massage therapist in both Georgia & Florida and can legally see clients in both states for hands-on therapy. For feeding support consultations, McKale is a licensed IBCLC in the state of Georgia and can see clients in any state with the exception of New Mexico, Oregon and Rhode Island. There is a mileage fee applied to the consultation for travel coverage.

For virtual consultations, nationwide and international clients are welcome.


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